Keep a Journal by Glen Greener

Today my Family History Class lesson was on Journal Keeping.  One of my good friends handed me a copy of this article after class.  It was printed in the Church News ending the week of September 14, 2014:
ShakespeareAfter four hundred years of intensive research into the life and works of William Shakespeare, we know almost nothing about the personal life of the most famous writer in the history of the English language. Only about a hundred documents related to William Shakespeare and his immediate family have been found: baptismal records, property deeds, marriage bonds, tax certificates, and court records — nothing about him personally.

Shakespeare’s works are all we know about him. We can study, along with the scholars, his plays, poems, songs and sonnets, and discover something of what life was like for him. “The songs in the plays themselves illustrate many sides of Shakespeare’s genius — his incomparable lyric gift, his ready humor, and his marvelous sensitivity to the sights and sounds of English life, especially the life of the country” (Norton Anthology of English Literature, vol. 1 Third Edition, 1962, New York: W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., p. 820).

However, because he did not keep a journal, we don’t know, and probably never will, if he was happy or sad, if he liked sunsets and long walks by the Thames, whether he liked music, what his favorite foods were, if he enjoyed company or preferred to be alone. Some of his plays are set in other countries, and we don’t even know if he ever left England.

Many people wonder what their great-grandparents were like, and our children will probably wonder the same about us. The peace and pleasure that descendants can find in discovering what their ancestors loved and hated, what their trials and triumphs were and how they faced challenges can only be found if a journal is kept. Birth and death dates may be easily found, but we can only imagine the grief that our ancestors felt when a child died or the happiness when someone married or a new baby came into their lives. It’s never too late to start keeping a journal. Just a couple of sentences every few days would give your descendants a picture of yourself they wouldn’t otherwise have, but a journal is not just for our descendants, but for all of us to live and grow spiritually and receive revelation from the Lord.

Shakespeare as a person will forever remain a mystery, much to the disappointment of the thousands of dedicated researchers. Because we have the teachings of the gospel, we can fill our lives and the lives of our descendants with love, gratitude, and an understanding of the gifts of the Lord.

It’s also easy to post selected stories by and about you and your ancestors on using the Memories feature. Start now. Someday, many years from now, someone will thank and honor you. — Glen Greener, FamilySearchShakespeare signature

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Happy 23rd Birthday, Adam!

2014-09-14 Adam's 23rd Bday

Adam, our first born is 23 today!  Heidi took this photo of him this morning, and pretty much  captured his personality.  Adam is playful and fun, a kid at heart, always enjoying every moment and everyone around him.  When he was small he loved Peter Pan and often told me, “Mom, I don’t ever want to grow up!”  He has held on to that child-like spirit, and is an amazing young man who delights everyone around him.

This photo came from Adam’s friends in Chile today.  Aaron is a missionary in the same areas Adam lived in 2 years ago.  How fun for them to have friends in common both here and there!  Aaron has been away since January now, and we miss him, and I’m sure he misses Adam.  It was fun today to see the two brothers connect as Adam celebrates growing another year older.

2014-9-14 Adam's 23rd Bday Aaron

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The love of God flows from heart to heart.

Mail 2013 Hand Heart

Every month Mormon women visit each other.  We go with a companion to visit 3 or 4 other women in our neighborhoods.  This year our theme has been the attributes of Jesus Christ.  This month we visited about His role as a Comforter.  Today as I sat with sisters and friends, I again thought about Days for Girls and the amazing opportunity we have to lift the burdens of others.  This month and next, we have more than 40 DfG Events on our calendar.  Tonight I will attend the 7th Event this week alone.  Every day I wake up happy and go to bed amazed at the good around me–I am meeting 100s and 100s of women who are lifting burdens and making life easier for girls who just want to stay in school.

I loved the message below that was part of our lesson this month and the thought of our love flowing from heart to heart.  I love and appreciate all who share their love with me and with the beautiful girls I love.

Elaine L. Jack, the 12th Relief Society general president, said: “In visiting teaching we reach out to each other. Hands often speak as voices can’t. A warm embrace conveys volumes. A laugh together unites us. A moment of sharing refreshes our souls. We cannot always lift the burden of one who is troubled, but we can lift her so she can bear it well.”3

Our pioneer Relief Society sisters “found spiritual strength in each other’s love and compassion. … As they suffered trials of illness and death, they prayed in faith for each other and comforted each other. ‘The love of God flowed from heart to heart,’ wrote Helen Mar Whitney, ‘till the wicked one seemed powerless in his efforts to get between us and the Lord, and his cruel darts, in some instances, were shorn of their sting.’”4


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others are watching. . .

Be Strong, Inspire

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Upcoming Days for Girls Events. Please Join us!

Mali.2014.Feb (1657)If you’re in just about any neighborhood in the valley and beyond, we have a few Days for Girls Events near you on our calendar.  Please check in with me at  for contact information and directions.    It’s just one big party after the next!  Please join us.  There are girls waiting for you.

2 Sept Orem Suncrest 3rd & 10th Wards Linda Olson
3 Sept South Jordan 8th Ward Lori Munk
3 Sept Daybreak 1st Ward Shirleen Saunders
4 Sept Orem Northridge 4th Ward (intro) Lysa Rytting
7 Sept YSA 13th Stake (intro) Tammy Cardon
7 Sept YSA Ward (intro) Chris Garrett
9 Sept Springville, Spring Creek 4th Ward Jeanette Swain
9 Sept PG Mt. Mahogany Stake RS/YW Sister Davies
9 Sept Bountiful North Canyon 6:30 p.m. Heather Maxwell
10 Sept Kaysville Rotary Meeting 7:15 a.m. Adam Wills
10 Sept Kaysville All-Day Event Julie Treadwell
10 Sept Saratoga Springs, Riverside Ward Michleene Johnson
13 Sept Sandy Super Saturday Betsy Chamberlain
11 Sept Midvale East 4th Ward intro Marj Conder
17 Sept Lehi Cedar Hollow 5th Ward Vickie Hacking

17 Sept Lindon 2nd Ward   Kristin Timms
18 Sept Orem Third Thursday, Evening too YSA 13th Stake p.m.
18 Sept Bountiful 7:00 p.m. 1500 S. 600 E. Heather Maxwell
20 Sept Lehi Cedar Hollow 2nd Ward Super Saturday Connie Packer
23 Sept Payson RS Kay Banks
25 Sept Midvale East 4th Ward Marj Conder
26-27 Sept Vernal Stake Super Saturday Nena Caldwell
27 Sept South Jordan Kristen Barton
7 Oct Bountiful 9-12:00 302 Bogey Circle Heather Maxwell
7 Oct Alpine Ward RS/YW Celeste Lewis
7 Oct SLC Stake YW Combined MP, Julie Gray
8 Oct Bountiful, 1500 So. 600 E. Heather Maxwell
8 Oct Lehi 4th Ward Jean Edwards
8 Oct Elkhorn Springs, Las Vegas Stake Shelly Leany
9 Oct Draper, Corner Canyon 1st Ward Addie Fuhriman
11 Oct Spanish Fork YSA Stake Chantal Thompson
11 Oct Bountiful 9:00-2:00, 1400 S. 100 E. Heather Maxwell
12 Oct  Salem   Ann Shumway
14 Oct Bountiful 1250 So. Main, 7:00 p.m. Heather Maxwell
(14 Oct) Alpine RS Group Valorie Goodridge
21 Oct Pleasant Grove, Grove 3rd Ward Melanie Hiatt
21 Oct Mapleton Ward Wendy Margrath
25 Oct Highland Irene Black
4 Nov Bountiful 9:00-12:00, 302 Bogey Cir.Heather Maxwell
12 Nov Cottonwood Heights, SLC   Lisa Adams
18 Nov Saratoga Springs Caren Winters

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Are your hands looking for something to do?

Great Things  -Elder Ballard quote

Please contact me about helping with Days for Girls.  Check the link under the Days for Girls link on the right.  You can also take a look at or see what we’re up to on our DfG Facebook page: .

Thank you!

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Family History Classes Begin Sept 9th in Orem!

FH Class

Family History Class taught by Ann Lewis
Starting Tuesday, 9 September2014

A new Family History Class will begin this September! The class is held every Tuesday from 10:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon, then again from 1:00 to 3:00 and again from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. (same class repeated) in the Stake Center (450 South 100 West, Orem). This is a FUN class, but you will receive weekly assignments (a couple of hours’ worth) to help you actually get started and learn skills that will enable you to do all the things you know you want to do, but may not yet know how.

The topics of the classes will include the following:

1. Introduction to Family History Work

2. Journal Keeping

3. Life Chronologies and Time Lines

4. Your Personal History

5. Organizing Your Computer Files, Digitizing

6. Doing Descendant Research, FAG, Types of Sources: Primary, Secondary, Compiled

7. Types of Records and Where to Find Them, Censuses, Document Binders

8. Sourcing Documents

9. Using the Internet to Search, Google

10. Location Research

11. Finding Histories of Family Members, Oral Histories

12. LDS Sources, Blessings of the Temple

13. The Spirit World / Sharing Success Stories

The cost for the class handouts is $24.00. After each class all the handouts and more information will be emailed to each participant. At the end of the term, you will have a binder filled with excellent information and instructions that will help you to document and record your life and the lives of those around you. The work is very hands-on and fun and will focus on your family and extended families, but you will learn skills that can take you far beyond that. You will feel the Spirit of Elijah as you do this work. The lessons build on each other, so it’s best if you can commit to come to as many classes as possible if you’d like to attend.

If you are interested in joining our September class, please email Ann Lewis ( to have your name included.  You are welcome to invite other family members or friends.  You know this is something you’ve always wanted to do.  Now is the time to do it!

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