Johann Heinrich Schott b. 2 October 1838, my 2nd Great-Grandpa

Schott, Johann Heinrich b. 1838The # 52 birth entry above is my 2nd great grandpa, Johann Heinrich Schott, born 177 years ago today.  He married Christina Bertha Sieber in Grossgartach on May 12, 1867 and they had 9 children.  Their 2nd child, Caroline Christiane was my great-grandma.  Here is her picture and a picture of the home she lived in where my grandpa was born in 1899.

Schott, Caroline ChristianeLaemmlen, Rudolf Home 1913I love my German family members and my German heritage.

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Inside a Mormon Mission

2015-9-25 Sis Lewis

If any of you every want to take a look inside the world of Mormon Missionaries, come join me here:

I’m keeping track of our mission experiences on this other blog.  Our lives are full and busy every single day.  It’s joyful good work.  Please come take a look!

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The welfare of each

2015-8-30 Sunnyside Elders (7)

There was a farmer who grew excellent quality corn. Every year he won the award for the best grown corn. One year a newspaper reporter interviewed him and learned something interesting about how he grew it. The reporter discovered that the farmer shared his seed corn with his neighbors. “How can you afford to share your best seed corn with your neighbors when they are entering corn in competition with yours each year?” the reporter asked.

“Why sir,” said the farmer, “Didn’t you know? The wind picks up pollen from the ripening corn and swirls it from field to field. If my neighbors grow inferior corn, cross-pollination will steadily degrade the quality of my corn. If I am to grow good corn, I must help my neighbors grow good corn.”

So is with our lives… Those who want to live meaningfully and well must help enrich the lives of others, for the value of a life is measured by the lives it touches. And those who choose to be happy must help others find happiness, for the welfare of each is bound up with the welfare of all. 2015-9-12 Othello (8)

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The saddest part

2015-9-17 Moxee Farm

There are no happy endings.
Endings are the saddest part,
So just give me a happy middle
And a very happy start.

Shel Silverstein was born on this day in 1930.

I’ve had some very sad endings this week.  I haven’t felt so sad in a long long time.  It’s hard to be cut off from friends I love.

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Happy 85th Birthday, Arthur Rudolf Laemmlen b. 20 September 1930

Dad's Slides 586

This is my Dad.  He turns 85 today!  My Dad helped me learn a few important things, like how to get the water to the end of the row, how to name every weed in the fields, how to use shop tools, how to make German pancakes, and how to be the last to leave any church meeting.  He’s a good man.  I love him.

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Chile earthquake: massive 8.3 magnitude tremor strikes Santiago

2015-4-20 Claudio and Family

We just got this email from Aaron’s Mission President in Santiago:

You may have heard news reports this evening that there was an 8.3 earthquake in Chile this evening. The epicenter was approximately 3 hours north of Santiago off the coast of Chile. The quake and the aftershocks were felt here in Santiago. Although it was fairly strong, there is no damage in Santiago. We want to let you know that all our missionaries are safe and accounted for. If there are any additional developments of note we will advise you.

Presidente Cook
Misión Chile Santiago Sur
La Iglesia de Jesucristo de Los Santos de Los Últimos Días

Today was Aaron’s P-Day, so we received his weekly letter, written before the earthquake hit.  Here are his last words to us this morning.  We trust he is safe and will have many opportunities to help others in the coming weeks.

I’ve been able to realize in this time in Parque the blessings of serving others, particularly other missionaries. It could be the most minimal thing, but as we serve others and really become the servant as Christ has taught, we will be able to feel joy, which is the greatest of all.  As we serve God and others, we show our love for them, and God pours His blessings upon us. Thank you for all of your prayers and keep seeking miracles, because if ye look, ye shall find.    –Elder Lewis

2015-09-16  Earthquake

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Happy Birthday Adam Laemmlen Lewis! b. 14 September 1991

Today my firstborn, Adam, turns 24.  Here are some of the last photos I took of him working in the garden before we left for Washington.  2015-6-20 Adam, Garden (1) 2015-6-20 Adam, Garden (3) 2015-6-20 Adam, Garden (4) 2015-6-20 Adam, Garden (5) 2015-6-20 Adam, Garden (6) 2015-6-20 Adam, Garden (7) 2015-6-20 Adam, Garden (8) 2015-6-20 Adam, Garden (9) 2015-6-20 Adam, Garden (10) That face melts my heart.  Always has, always will.



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